Curated by Jon M. Gibson, I AM 8-BIT is the ultimate retro-game experience, showcasing the work of cutting-edge artists paying tribute to their favorite videogames of the '80s. These artists share their reinterpretations and outlandish depictions of the all-time greats, including pieces inspired by Donkey Kong, Joust, Q*bert, The Legend of Zelda, and Tron. I AM 8-BIT is more than just a walk down memory lane - each artist injects a degree of thought-provoking analysis and self-reflection into their work as they revisit their youth.

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8-битные роботы

Размеры: 16 см и 38 см Части: 20 Что входит в комплект?

Зачем жить в реальном мире, если можно прекрасно существовать в 8-ми битном?

1980 руб.

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